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Brett Williamson

Chief Operations Officer

I started my safety Career with Federal OSHA back in 2008-2012. I inspected construction, oil and gas and manufacturing facilities. I meet many wonderful business owners and helped them create a safe and productive work environment for their employees. I learned a great deal about safety and working with businesses and building relationship based on trust and respect. I left OSHA and started my own consulting business in ND. I worked for HESS Industries and Caliber Mid Stream where I worked with drilling, workover rigs and construction. Oil prices dropped in 2015 and oversaw projects for Apple, Samsung and Conco Concrete. Back in 2020 I started my own staffing business with my wife Christine Williamson. We love our work and take extreme pride in serving our clients by responding quickly to their needs, being honest and building lasting relationships with our clients. We have client located across the country. Have a wonderful day!



I worked in the medical industry for 15 years. I was the medical room manager. I made sure all surgeries were scheduled and I oversaw the surgery team. Back in 2020 I had an opportunity to work as a corporate recruiter. I loved working with clients and filling their open positions with the perfect applicants. Then in 2023 I decided to open my own staffing firm. It was a little scary at first. I love it now! I am CEO of Roar & Pearl, a family owned and operated business. We are here to serve all your property improvement needs. I look forward to chatting with you soon. Have a beautiful day!

Dayna Morgan


Until recently I was a math teacher. I got into teaching to be with my four children during their middle school and high school years. I loved working with the students and seeing their eye sparkle when the light comes on and they understand math. My educational background is in accounting and finance and I was excited when Roar & Pearl offered me the Chief Financial Officer position. Roar & Pearl is a family owned and operated business. I love working with their team!